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ZKS-T8 TOUCH1 - 790.00

DHCP function can get IP address automatically, it is easy for you to communicate device with your PC when doesn’t know your network structure. Build in Web server enables you to remote control machine to do some setting and check attendance records easily. 3.5 inches TFT touch screen, you can add staff name, shift and photo on machine directly Build in backup battery can support 3 hours when cut off all power supply. Different
communication protocol between PC and device, including RS232/485, TCP/IP, USB, WIFI, DHCP, Web Server.



    Security Surveillance, Access Control, Time Attendance, Duress Alarm, Web Server

    Linux system, TCP/IP, USB, SD Card, Camera, Multi-touch Screen.(optional: WIFI or)

  • Build in camera can not only take picture for users , but also monitor user’s attendance status on real time.
  • Users can query their attendance records on machine directly after inputting their ID number.
  • Duress alarm function improves highest security for access control, when users are threatened to open the door by intruder, they can use duress finger to activate duress alarm for help.
  • Supports 31 time zone per day, 20 groups and 10 unlock combinations.
  • Six function keys help to record detailed time attendance: In, Out, Break, Resume, Overtime On, Overtime Off.
  • Short message can be setup to a certain person, the message will display on touch screen after user identify his/her fingerprint successfully.
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