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ZKS-L2G - 790.00

ZKS-L2G is a standalone fingerprint door lock with good performance, designed specially in the purpose of popularizing the fingerprint products. It could store 60 fingerprint templates(5 administrators and 55 users). It is very suitable for home,villa,slap-up dwelling house because of its delicacy appearance and stronger security of shape mold.



    ZKS-L2G -professional fingerprint door lock

    55 fingerprint templates

  • New version of ZKS algorithms with dependability and accuracy, identification speed obviously improved, process 60 ingerprints, no matter good or poor, within 0. 7 second.
  • Fashion and exquisite design, easy to install.
  • Stable electronic components. Superior reliable, durable and low power consumption.
  • Sensor with quality image, accepts dry, wet fingers.
  • Adjust image distortion, assure fingerprint matching consistency.
  • Streamline front panel, four keystokes.
  • Standby mechanical keys for emergency.
  • The surface of shell is chrome plated and can never wear out.
  • Low power consumption, and particular technology of energy conservation can protract the longevity of the product.
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